Estate Management

It is time to make a plan.

You’ve just inherited a property, and your list of projects has tripled.  You now have to deal with the local courts, attorneys, and all kind of financial obligations that are foreign to you.  How can you manage everything  that’s been added to you plate while still handling your everyday life?

Consulting with an estate expert is your best option to get the information and resources you need.  Your situation is unique, and a consultation with Karen and Carl will help you take the first step in managing your estate.

Every situation requires  a custom solution, and our vast network of resources gives you everything you need to mange your estate with confidence.  Your property may require a variety of services in several different fields.  Whether you’re looking to repair or update your estate, hold an estate auction, hire movers, organize donations or simply set up a garage sale, we can help you create a plan, connect you with the proper resources, and work with you to get the most out of your estate.

With the right resources you can handle your estate with confidence.

If you’d like advise on your estate and the options you have moving forward, don’t  hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today.



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