Are you ready to DOWNSIZE? Want to know what your home is worth?

Ready to find the right size home?

Have your kids moved out? Are you looking for less maintenance and Headaches? Considering downsizing in the near future?  Contacting Karen and Carl is the first step to finding the right size home!

Starting the downsizing process early has proven to be the best way to insure a smooth process.  Reaching out to a real estate professional who can make suggestions and recommendations is the first step but if you have lived in your home for many years and accumulated many personal items, it can be  daunting just to get started.

Why consult with us?  This may be the only time you downsize but to us, it is commonplace because we help so many families make similar transitions.  We embrace the opportunities to make an often overwhelming downsizing experience smooth through our experience, resources and networks.

We have spent our real estate career helping clients find their right size home that maintains the best features of their current home, while giving  them greater financial freedom and less space to maintain.  Our experience helps customers get the most value out of their current home and seamlessly transition into their next home.    We can also assist in finding cleaning crews, contractors, estate sale companies and consignment shops.

Giving yourself as much time as possible to plan your downsize is key to success.  We can help you set goals to manage your transition into your smaller living space!    Let is help you have a STRESS-FREE experience!!

Visit our website or call Karen at 504-450-2722 or Carl at 504-915-7768.


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