Selling Your Home?

When home owners decide to sell their home, they should approach the sale as if they are starting a business that has a product to sell. A good business should have experienced and knowledgeable sales people. A good sales person is going to understand the product they sell and the customer they are targeting. This is why hiring a real estate agent is part of a good strategy to sell your home. Selling homes is our business. Instead of one sales person, you get two.

We have a detailed marketing plan that includes the internet, lead generating to find buyers, and the newspaper. Our internet marketing includes over 300 national web sites. We advertise our web site, WWW.LIVING504.COM, to generate buyers. Our web site is more than pictures. It’s a tool that home buyers can use to search listings, save listings, ask questions, and schedule appointments. This is a benefit for home owners that list their properties with us because the buyer we attract might buy their home. Don’t forget, this is New Orleans. People still love to sit at the kitchen table with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. We advertise in the newspaper on a weekly basis.

For more details, call Carl at 504-915-7768 or visit WWW.LIVING504.COM.



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